Telegärtner 4.3-10 connector series standardised by IEC

Leading companies in high-frequency technology, including Telegärtner, have worked together for the past few years to develop the 4.3-10 connector series, which has just been approved as an official standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission (the IEC).

Increasing requirements in mobile communication for individual components led the top developers in high-frequency technology to develop a new plug, the 4.3-10 series.
This development, spanning many years, came to a successful conclusion in September of this year with the approval of international standard IEC 61169-54:2016.

The 4.3-10 series represents not only another milestone in the development of high-frequency connectors, but also shows the innovative performance of the consortium, consisting of Telegärtner amongst other manufacturer. They invested several years in the development of the 4.3-10 connector series.

Versatile and technically outstanding
The result is a connector series, which has a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm and a working frequency of 6 GHz. The connector has already become established in mobile telecommunications and wireless networks as the latest generation of standard connectors. Positive feedback from the market and technical acceptance are due to the outstanding operating loss and passive intermodulation values. The different interlock types (screw, hand screw and push-pull) allow the flexible and trouble-free use of 4.3-10 connectors.

A growing number of international network operators are already using or have approved the 4.3-10 series for use, and there is no end in sight for this trend.

Comprehensive portfolio
Many OEM manufacturers are already enjoying the benefits of the 4.3-10 series, delivering their products with Telegärtner connectors.

Always with an eye on the market and an ear for our customers, Telegärtner is passionate about creating a comprehensive and complete 4.3-10 product portfolio, which is currently the largest on the market. Extremely high stock availability for plugs, couplers, adaptors and termination loads guarantee that you always have the best connection for your success.

 You can find an abstract of the new standard at IEC under IEC 61169-54:2016

Please inform yourself about the details of our  4.3-10 connector series.

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