Telegärtner Passive DAS Portfolio

Telegärtner introduces a complete range of passive DAS components extending their offering in the indoor installation market.

Coverage is one critical requirement for deploying mobile communication networks. This is true for all cell architectures such as macro, micro, small and pico cells. For reaching all users in a cellular network, in-building coverage also needs to be ensured. 

Telegärtner offers offers low-PIM (≤ -161 dBc) passive DAS components such as power splitters, tappers, couplers or termination loads to support its customers with suitable solutions.

 Furthermore, future-proof components for frequencies up to 3.8GHz are available for 5G applications.


Due to the need for short delivery times, Telegärtner aims to be ready for shipment within 24 hours for parts in stock. Customized solutions are available on demand.

VEX files for our passive DAS portfolio can also be found on iBwave to further support customers and planners.

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